Top Dental Insurance Picks for 2023

Dental health is essential to overall wellbeing; however, dental treatments can be costly, making dental insurance essential.

Dental insurance can significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses and ensure that you receive the care you require without breaking your budget.

This guide explores the top dental insurance plans available in 2023 to enable you to make an informed choice.

Why Dental Insurance Is Essential

Dental insurance goes far beyond just maintaining an attractive smile – it can also play an essential part in improving overall health.

Poor dental hygiene can contribute to chronic illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, yet with dental insurance preventive services often arrive immediately upon purchase, giving users immediate access to essential services.

Additionally, dental insurance may help cover some of the more costly treatments like implants, bridges and crowns.

Top Dental Insurance Picks of 2023: A Complete Overview

Navigating the maze of dental insurance plans can be intimidating, especially with so many options to consider.

To help make your search easier, we’ve curated a list of 2023’s top dental insurance picks – each featuring features, coverage, and limitations that may affect you.

Renaissance is Best Overall

Renaissance stands out from its competitors by offering preventive services without an initial wait period – so you can start managing your oral health immediately!

Their excellent customer service ensures all your queries and concerns are addressed quickly, while the flexibility in choosing dentists within or beyond their network allows you to find your preferred dental professional.

Top Dental Insurance Picks for 2023
Top Dental Insurance Picks for 2023

Coverage: Renaissance offers comprehensive dental insurance plans that range from annual exams and more involved procedures like dental implants – giving your smile every chance it needs for optimal oral health.

Limitations: Unfortunately, one of the few downsides of these plans is their age-based coverage limits. Furthermore, those seeking orthodontic services might be disappointed as this service is not covered.

Cigna Is the Ideal Choice for Low Fees

Features: Cigna offers access to an expansive network of dentists for quality dental care at any time.

Their dental plans are tailored to be cost-friendly, without any deductibles or copays for routine care – making regular check-ups effortless.

Coverage: Cigna offers comprehensive healthcare plans that cover everything from routine preventative services like exams and screenings, through complex restorative processes like root canals and bridges.

Limitations: Since some services depend on age criteria, their treatments might only be available to certain age groups.

Spirit Dental and Vision Provides Quick Coverage Solutions

Features: What makes Spirit Dental and Vision stand out is their no waiting period policy; meaning you can start any treatment immediately after scheduling it.

Additionally, their $100 deductible can help reduce upfront costs significantly.

Coverage: Their dental insurance plans offer comprehensive protection, from basic preventive care to advanced treatments such as orthodontics.

Limitations: However, be mindful that your monthly premiums could change following the first year.

UnitedHealthcare Is Perfect for Families

Features: UnitedHealthcare understands the unique dental needs of their members, which is why their plans do not place age restrictions. Their plans provide numerous plans with unique benefits to suit each family member’s specific requirements.

Coverage: They offer comprehensive services that range from fillings and major treatments such as endodontics.

Limitations: Depending on the plan chosen, preventative services may incur a copay fee.

Smart Health Dental for Seniors – Best Option

Features: Smart Health Dental offers seniors the perfect dental plan with no waiting periods for major procedures. As each year passes, benefits increase further ensuring seniors get more value over time.

Seniors can take advantage of an array of services for preventative and advanced care needs, ranging from preventative health checks to advanced dental treatments such as dentures, implants and bridges.

Limitations: As there may be gaps in coverage of some basic services, it’s crucial that plan details be examined thoroughly.

Physicians Mutual is the best choice for singles.

Features: Physicians Mutual is designed specifically for singles, providing coverage of 350 procedures without an annual maximum or deductible – one of the easiest dental plans on the market!

Coverage: Their coverage extends from preventative care to major treatments.

Limitations: An unexpected drawback to basic services is their 3-month waiting period.

Delta Dental of Ohio Is Best for Orthodontics

Delta Dental is the perfect destination for those in search of orthodontic treatments, with access to a vast network of dentists without needing specialist referrals – making achieving that perfect smile easier than ever!

Coverage: Their coverage extends beyond standard services to include advanced orthodontic treatments.

Limitations: However, those in search of clear aligner treatments must first ascertain if it falls under their chosen plan’s coverage.

Guardian Direct Provides Best Value

Guardian Direct provides unmatched value. By selecting an in-network dentist, you could save up to 35% off standard rates! Plus, with plans starting from $15 a month, quality dental care has never been more accessible!

Coverage: Their coverage ranges from basic preventive care to advanced treatments like implants.

Limitations: An important restriction may be selectinging a primary care dentist, which could prove restrictive for some individuals.


All dental insurance plans offer many benefits; it’s essential that you assess your individual or family needs and budget before making a choice.

Regular dental check-ups and treatments are crucial to overall health; having the appropriate insurance plan can make this journey smooth and affordable.

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