MetLife Dental Insurance for 2023

Oral health is an integral component of overall well-being, and having access to affordable dental care through MetLife Dental Insurance can make regular care more accessible and affordable.

In this comprehensive review of MetLife Dental Insurance we will look at its offerings, benefits and features so that you can make an informed decision when selecting this provider.

Understanding MetLife Dental Insurance Coverage

MetLife Dental Insurance offers comprehensive coverage options to suit the unique needs and budgets of its members, with coverage options such as:

Basic Services: These basic services encompass preventive and diagnostic care services such as cleanings, lab tests, diagnostic models, sealants, fluoride treatments, space maintainers and routine X-rays.

Intermediate Services: Under this umbrella of services are restorative procedures such as fillings and extractions that provide essential restoration.

Major Services: This category encompasses significant restorative services like bridges, crowns, root canals, dentures and their repairs.

Orthodontic Services: This coverage extends to braces, space maintainers and other teeth alignment procedures.

MetLife covers a portion of service costs through cost sharing arrangements; you pay a percentage and we cover the remaining portion.

The precise proportion will often depend on what service is being provided and whether or not the provider is in-network.

How Does MetLife Dental Insurance Operate?

How your MetLife Dental Insurance plan operates relies heavily on which options your employer chooses. Here’s an overview:

Premiums: Each paycheck deducts an amount that serves as your contribution towards insurance premiums.

Deductibles & Coinsurance: When availing of services through MetLife, the upfront cost may include paying a deductible before we start covering it.

MetLife Dental Insurance for 2023
MetLife Dental Insurance for 2023

Furthermore, coinsurance accounts for your share of service costs; its percentage can differ depending on what kind of service is being rendered and whether or not your provider falls in or outside our network.

Annual Maximums: Most plans set annual coverage limits. For instance, your in-network benefits could have an annual maximum of $1,500; orthodontic services might include lifetime maximums that vary based on adult and children patients.

Waiting Period: Certain plans require you to wait a certain length of time after enrolling before they allow access to certain services.

What MetLife Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover

MetLife insurance providers impose certain exclusions that must be strictly observed.

Examples include treatments before coverage commencement, non-essential treatments, experimental procedures, self-inflicted injuries and cosmetic treatments; it’s vitally important that readers read all fine print for complete understanding.

Claims, Mobile App and Customer Support

MetLife has simplified their claims process. While dentists usually submit claims on behalf of their patients, you can also download a claim form from MetLife’s website and submit it via mail or fax.

Furthermore, there’s an app available in both Apple and Google stores which makes finding dentists, reviewing plan details and switching dentists easier as well as reviewing claims summaries more streamlined.

MetLife can be reached for customer support at 800-942-0854 or through their website form, however they currently don’t provide live chat support.

Compare MetLife Dental Insurance With Competitors

MetLife Dental Insurance provides a robust offering, but it is wise to compare it against other providers if your employer provides multiple choices.

Key elements to keep in mind include premiums, deductibles, coinsurance costs and coverage specifics.

While MetLife does have an expansive network of dentists available through them, always double check if your chosen one falls into their network before making a final choice.

If you don’t already have employer-provided dental coverage, there are insurance providers offering direct purchase plans. It is advisable to seek quotes from multiple companies so as to find the most appropriate coverage.


MetLife Dental Insurance stands out as a comprehensive option for those in search of extensive dental coverage, boasting an array of services covered and an easy-to-use mobile app.

However, make sure to read the finer points of any plan you consider to make sure that it fits with your dental health needs best.

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