What is WPS full form

What is WPS full form

WPS full form: Do you know what WPS and WPS work? WPS is a wifi protected setup. CISCO is the inventor of this technology, an essential technology for online security. WPS does not work like a security feature. It’s a symbol of wifi protection setup. Typically, WPS works with wifi routers and makes the best, fastest, secure wife network for home and office. 

WPS inventor wants to build a simple setup for connecting another wireless device together with wifi router. For connecting with the wifi router device need the WPS pin. WPS code is an 8-digit numeric value number for quickly connecting with the device and wifi router.

Only new and updated wifi routers can support this feature who use WPA and WPA 2. WPA and WPA 2 is a newly created wifi protection features for wifi.

WPS full form: If you don’t want to share the password of your wifi, you can share the WPS pin with the person. 

You also change the pin of WPS with just a few steps. To change the PIN of WPS, you need some knowledge about wifi and how wifi works. WPS feature can support the wifi 802.11 certified wifi routers.

How to configure WPS in routers 

PCB (Push Button Configuration): WIFI router always has a button on the back side of the router. The user clicked the button and did the work on/off features. 

PIN ( Personal Identification Number ): to change the WPS pin, you must first write the number available on the wifi router below. And after, you can use the admin portal and add your details. After adding the Detail, click on WPS and the change button. Now your WPS Pin is changed.

WPS full form: Characteristics

WPS is a simple feature for establishing the best and most secure wifi connection.

The best and essential Characteristics we add below

  • WPS is a security line that allows the owner to block and unblock the other user.
  • WPS enables simply with a press a WPS Button.
  • Enable the WPS features with two-step steps called PBC and PIN Options.
  • WPS features option only works with password-enabled wifi routers.

WPS full form: Advantages

  • WPS is an automatic service for creating a new Network Name and password for every unique access point.
  • WPS service does not need and network name or password to connect with the router.
  • WPS is the new way of security, and WPS automatically creates a new random key every time.
  • WPS work with all kind of windows version and Mac.

WPS full form: Disadvantages

  • WPS does not work with other networks like Adhoc networks. 
  • The WPS feature uses numeric code, which is easy to hack by brute force.
  • It isn’t easy to connect with routers who not support the WPS feature
  • WPS’s new high-level security who not support every type of wifi router
  • WPS runs only supported device


UPSC full form



In the end, WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It’s the name of a technology developed by CISCO to establish an encrypted and safe connection between the wireless device and the wifi router. The WPS feature is configured via one of two options: Push Button Setup or Personal Identification. 

It is an easy and secure method connecting devices to a WiFi network without sharing the password. It is a secure and simple way to connect devices. WPS feature is compatible with modern wifi routers that utilize WPA and WPA2 to secure wifi. We add all kinds of basic and advanced knowledge related to WPS. If you like this, then please share it.

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