Why My Dental Implant Screw Fell Out? Possible Causes and Solutions

Anyone know why My Dental Implant Screw Fell Out? Dental implants are a great alternative for replacing teeth missing, and to restore the functions of your mouth.

However, as with any dental procedure, there are complications that can occur. One instance of this is when the screws for a dental implant fall out. This could be uncomfortable and even painful However, it’s important to know the reasons behind this and what you can do accomplish to fix it.

In this article we’ll look at the possible causes that could be behind the Screw of an implanted tooth being pulled out, and some possible solutions that could be employed to rectify the issue.

Knowing Why My Dental Implant Screw Fell Out

Before delving into potential issues and solutions, let’s first gain an understanding of dental implants and what makes them up.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are surgically implanted into jawbones to form bases for attaching bridges or artificial teeth; each implant comprises three parts – its base component itself, an abutment component and an attached restoration.

Why My Dental Implant Screw Fell Out? Possible Causes and Solutions
Why My Dental Implant Screw Fell Out? Possible Causes and Solutions

The Implant

Implants are the components that make up the dental Implant which is surgically placed into your jawbone. It is generally comprised of biocompatible titanium and can bind with your bone with time. This creates a solid foundation for the Abutment or dental restoration to attach to.

The Abutment

The Abutment is the connecting piece that joins your dental Implant to it. It comprises zirconia or titanium and is attached to the Implant.

The Dental Restoration

A dental crown is an artificial tooth, also known as a bridge connected by Abutment. It is generally composed of ceramic, porcelain, and composite resin.

Possible reasons for a Dental Screw on an Implant falling out

After we’ve figured out the elements of a dental implant, let’s explore the reasons for an implant screw breaking out.

Loose Abutment Screw

One of the possible causes for an implant screw that falls out is loose abutment screws. The abutment screw connects the Implant’s Abutment. If the Screw becomes unsteady, then the Abutment could become unstable, which can cause the Screw to break off.

Poor Implant Placement

Another reason that could lead to an implant screw that is a dental one falling out is a poor place. If the dental Implant is too low, it cannot be supported by enough support, which could cause failure. Furthermore, when the Implant is located at an unnatural angle, it could create additional stress on the Screw, leading it to become loose and fall off.

Overloading the Implant

The Implant being overloaded is another possibility that could lead to the dental implant screw falling out. If excessive pressure is applied to the Implant, it may result in the implant screw being loosened and falling off. This could happen when grinding your teeth or when the Implant is supporting the bridge or denture, which weighs too much.

Screw Fracture

A screw fracture could cause the dental implant screw to fall out. When the Screw is exposed to excessive pressure or stress, it can break, causing it to loosen and fall off.

Solutions to a Dental Implant Screw Falling Out

After we have identified the causes that could lead to the Screw of a dental implant being pulled out, let’s talk about possible solutions to fix the problem.

The Abutment should be tightened Screw.

If the Screw that holds the Abutment is loose, the solution could be as easy as tightening it. Your dentist can draw the Screw, ensuring the Abutment is secure and sturdy.

Removal and Replacement of the Implant

If the Implant is not correctly placed, it could have to be removed and replaced. This could be more difficult; however, it is required to make sure it is installed and supported.

Lowering the pressure on the Implant

If the Implant holds an implant that weighs too much, the dentist could suggest reducing tension. This could be accomplished by taking the bridge out or denture, replacing it with a more accessible version, or altering the way you chew to decrease the pressure on your Implant.

Replacing the Screw

If the Screw cracks or deteriorates, the Screw may have a replacement. The dentist can easily remove the Screw from the previous one to replace it with a new one, ensuring the Implant is sturdy and solid.

Bone Grafting

Sometimes, a bone graft may be required to provide extra support for the Implant. This process involves taking bone from another region of your body or using artificial bones to cover the areas of your jawbone that are not dense enough.


The dental Screw coming out could be frustrating, but it’s vital to know the potential causes and options to resolve the problem. If you’re experiencing an implant screw being pulled out, contact your dentist immediately to discuss the most appropriate option, whether a short screw-tightening procedure or a more complex procedure such as implant replacement or bone grafting. The dentist can assist you in ensuring that the dental Implant you have chosen is sturdy, safe, secure, and effective.

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