$399 Dental Implants

399 dental implants – What has all this buzz around 399 Dental Implants & $399 dental implants signified for those in search of affordable solutions?

As more American adults lose one or more teeth, oral health has become a serious concern.

Missing teeth not only have an adverse impact on aesthetics and self-esteem, but can also create various oral and overall health complications. Luckily, affordable solutions such as $399 dental implants have emerged as ways of combatting this issue.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants provide more than a mere aesthetic solution – they’re also an invaluable foundation for replacing missing teeth, providing artificial ones which look, feel and perform like their counterparts in terms of both form and function.

The Story Behind $399 Dental Implants
The Story Behind $399 Dental Implants

Process can often last several months or more than a year due to individual body healing rates and responses varying greatly between patients.

Due to their complex procedure and high-grade materials used, dental implants typically cost an average of around $4,000 each; making the promise of $399 dental implants all the more intriguing.

Traditional dental implants have three parts:

Let’s break down the traditional dental implant structure. The three main components are:

Implant screw: This piece, deeply embedded into the jawbone, replaces the missing tooth root. It forms the base and is pivotal for the $399 dental implants‘ functionality.

Abutment: Acting as a bridge, the abutment ensures the crown or prosthesis remains secured to the implant screw.

Crown/prosthesis: This is the visible portion and is primarily responsible for mimicking the appearance of a natural tooth.

The journey to getting dental implants, be it the $399 dental implants or others, kicks off with a detailed consultation.

A potential patient will undergo a thorough examination, including x-rays, to ensure that they’re suitable candidates for the procedure. Expectations, concerns, and desired outcomes are then addressed, and a tailored treatment plan is formulated.

Should you decide to opt for dental implants, the next step involves a surgical procedure. Understandably, the thought of this can be daunting. Therefore, dentists usually provide local anesthesia.

And for those grappling with dental anxiety, there’s the option of oral or IV sedation, ensuring you’re completely at ease, possibly even asleep, while the $399 dental implants or other options are being placed.

$399 Dental Implants Procedure

399 dental implants have become an innovative and cost-effective solution in modern dentistry.

The Cost of Traditional Dental Implants

The process begins with making a delicate incision into the gums, followed by drilling an accurate hole into the jawbone and installing the $399 screw meticulously into it – before suturing closed to facilitate healing.

Healing phase of 399 dental implants is crucial to their success, due to osseointegration – the process by which jawbone tissues heal around an implant to ensure its stability. Fusion between jawbone tissue and $399 dental implants serves as the basis for future replacement tooth(s).

To optimize their osseointegration process during healing intervals, patients are advised to consume liquid or soft foods, without solids that could potentially disturb its positioning and hinder osseointegration.

After healing for several months, patients can return to the dental office for the next step in the $399 dental implants procedure: placing an abutment onto the implant to connect it to replacement tooth and taking measurements so your custom artificial tooth or teeth can be designed and manufactured – this usually takes several weeks!

Why $399 dental implants are impossible

Recently, $399 dental implants have become increasingly attractive as several dental clinics advertise them as offers.

The Emergence of $399 Dental Implants

Unfortunately, while this deal might sound alluring, obtaining genuine quality implants for this price point is near impossible.

Here’s why:

1. Volume of Implants: One key element affecting price is how many implants a patient requires; an average single dental implant costs about $4,000.

While it might seem as though multiple implants would lower per-tooth costs, offering $399 dental implants even for just a single tooth is unrealistic.

2. Implant Varieties: Dental implants typically come in two varieties: conventional and mini. Mini implants tend to be smaller in size and cost slightly less than their conventional counterparts; however, purchasing quality mini implants still exceeds $399.

3. Implant Material: Titanium implants are the mainstay of most dental implant procedures, while some other materials might be cheaper but cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Another premium material known as zirconia comes with an exceedingly higher price tag that extends far beyond $399 dental implants costs.

4. Crown/Prosthetic Material: Prosthetic teeth crafted of porcelain are highly sought-after as they closely replicate the aesthetic and feel of natural teeth.

While cheaper materials like composite resin may lower initial costs, their durability will eventually outstrip that of porcelain-made implants over time when replacements become necessary – potentially more than surpassing even their initial investment cost in superior materials.

5. Dentist’s Locale: Legacy Dental’s clinic located in Salt Lake City, Utah caters to individuals looking for top-tier Restorative Dentistry solutions – yet offering quality implants at $399 remains challenging despite these considerations.

6. Dentist’s Expertise: Experience and specialization are directly tied to a dentist’s fee structure; typically more seasoned professionals demand higher charges compared to less experienced peers; therefore a $399 dental implants might indicate compromise in expertise.

The Hidden Perils of $399 Dental Implants Scams

Dental care requires finding an affordable yet effective solution, and $399 dental implants seem like a dream come true.

The Pros and Cons of $399 Dental Implants

Unfortunately, “if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.” This sentiment holds especially true when considering the dangers posed by these $399 Dental Implants scams.

Misleading Pricing Structure

At the core of $399 dental implants offers is an illusion of affordability. Many dental clinics tout “discount” implants at this price point; however, patients soon discover that this price point only scratches the surface of actual costs; when it comes time to settle their bill they often discover additional charges and unexpected fees that bring total to well over $3,000.

Such deceptive pricing models demonstrate why prior research should always be completed before jumping headfirst into anything like $399 dental implants offers.

Compromise on Professional Services

Expertise and experience of the dentist who provides dental implants are both key elements in their cost.

Quality dental care demands that practitioners possess a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience – something many dental clinics attempting to offer implants at $399 may omit when opting for less experienced practitioners – sometimes the $399 dental implants advertisement even leaves out essential services – like surgery.

In fact, its fine print often reveals this price only covers the implant device, with additional expenses due to surgery being added into this bill later.

Potential Applications of Substandard Materials

Quality materials are one of the hallmarks of genuine dental implants, with durable materials such as titanium or zirconia making up standard implants.

Both materials have proven their biocompatibility by seamlessly merging with our bodies without causing adverse reactions or side-effects.

When considering $399 dental implants however, there’s an increased risk that substandard materials might come into play; cost cutting measures might mean non-Titanium or zirconia implants being offered instead – potentially weakening strength while creating potential health risks to patient.

Exploring Alternatives to $399 Dental Implants

Searching for the ideal smile often leads people down the path of dental implants. Due to their similarity and functionality with natural teeth, dental implants are an obvious choice when replacing missing ones.

Choosing a Dental Implant Provider

However, due to rising dental care costs not everyone can afford this premium option. If interested but wary about $399 dental implants but hopeful about them being of high-quality there are several alternative choices that ensure everyone can boast a confident smile:

Embracing Dental Insurance:

Historically, dental implants such as those available for $399 were considered cosmetic and received minimal coverage under dental insurance plans.

But times have changed and more insurance providers are beginning to cover such procedures due to their numerous advantages beyond aesthetics; prior to opting for $399 dental implants it might be worthwhile consulting one’s plan and seeing if coverage may exist.

Considering Dental Financing:

$399 dental implants might seem appealing, but it’s always worthwhile weighing quality against cost.

Luckily, many dental clinics now facilitate easier payment structures by providing dental financing through third-party providers like CareCredit or more customized in-house financing solutions – these options ensure quality dental care remains accessible without compromises in access or affordability.

Dental Tourism: A Thrifty Alternative:

Traveling abroad for dental procedures has become an increasingly popular trend, with countries like Canada and Mexico often offering much less costly solutions compared to $399 implants. Dental tourism allows patients access to high-quality care while simultaneously creating an enjoyable vacation experience.

Membership and Dental Discount Plans:

Some may be skeptical of the long-term durability of $399 dental implants, so many clinics now offer dental discount plans as a solution.

By paying an annual membership fee, individuals can gain access to discounts for various dental procedures at reduced prices – guaranteeing them maximum value from their dental budget.

Traditional Tooth Replacement Options:

If the above options don’t meet your needs and the idea of $399 dental implants remains confusing, dentures and bridges offer another solution without breaking the bank.

While they might not offer as permanent a solution as implants do, they provide an efficient means of replacing missing teeth without impacting finances too much.


While $399 dental implants may seem like a bargain compared to the cost of traditional dental implants, it’s essential to understand the Story behind these low-cost options. By understanding the pros and cons of $399 dental implants, you can decide whether they’re the right choice for you. thank you for reading


Are $399 dental implants as good as traditional dental implants?

While $399 dental implants may be more affordable, they may be less durable or have the same long-term success rate as traditional titanium dental implants. It’s essential to consider the pros and cons before deciding on a dental implant provider.

What are the differences between zirconia and titanium dental implants?

Zirconia dental implants are ceramic and less dense than titanium implants. They may be less invasive to the place and have a faster healing time. However, there needs to be more research on their long-term success rate compared to traditional titanium implants.

How long do $399 dental implants last?

The lifespan of $399 dental implants may vary depending on factors, including the patient’s oral health and how well they care for their teeth. Some studies suggest that zirconia implants may have a shorter lifespan than titanium implants.

Can $399 dental implant providers offer additional procedures if necessary?

Are you considering getting a $399 dental implant? It’s an appealing offer however there’s a thing you need to be aware of. Many of the companies that advertise this low-cost option usually only offer a few types of dental procedures.

What is the procedure if you require more than the basic implant, such as an implant made of bone or a sinus lift? You’ll probably have to look for a dental specialist to perform these procedures.

Selecting a dental provider that has a limited range of services could make your dental treatment journey more difficult than it really needs to be.

You’ll have to put in more time in finding a new dentist or transfer your medical records and attending additional consultations. This can not only delay your treatment but can increase the total cost of dental treatment.

Before you sign up for the dental implant package for $399 Make sure you inquire about the entire array of services the company provides. Being informed can save you from unanticipated hassles and costly expenses later on.

Are there any risks associated with $399 dental implants?

Like all dental procedures, there are risks associated with dental implants. Patients may experience pain, swelling, or infection after the procedure.

Implants may not be able to connect with the bone, necessitating additional procedures or removal of the implant. It is essential to think about the advantages and risks of any dental procedure prior to deciding.

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