Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance 2023

Dental insurance is a vital aspect of maintaining your oral health however, with the multitude of options available choosing the best option can be a daunting task.

One brand that stands out in the world of physicians mutual dental insurance. In this post, we’ll dive into Physicians Mutual dental insurance, its services, and why it could be the best choice for you.

A Short Summary

Physicians Mutual dental insurance is not a newcomer to the insurance market. The company was founded more than 100 years back in 1902 and has been providing a broad range of life and health insurance products.

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance
Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is designed for individuals and businesses. With amazing A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an AM Best rating of A and A+ for its financial solidity, Physicians Mutual has proven its reliability and credibility over the years.

The Key features of Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance

  1. Wide Network: Physicians Mutual boasts one of the largest dental networks across the U.S., with around 500k provider locations. This extensive network makes sure that you are able to find the nearest dentist.
  2. Flexibility In contrast to many dental insurance plans, which limit you to a limited list of dentists, Physicians Mutual allows you to visit any dentist you like.
  3. Instant Coverage There aren’t any deductibles when you join Physicians Mutual. The coverage for preventive services, like dental cleanings, starts when your policy is in force.
  4. Complete Coverage The insurance covers more than 350 dental procedures which include routine exams, crowns and fillings and dentures. After a short time-frame, it covers major dental procedures like crowns, root canals and dental extractions using surgical techniques.
  5. No Yearly Limit One of the most notable characteristics of Physicians Mutual dental insurance is the absence of a annual maximum on the cash benefits you are able to receive.

Coverage Levels

Physicians Mutual offers three distinct levels of coverage:

  • Economy Plus The plan is budget-friendly with a monthly cost of $30.10 monthly.
  • Standard Plus A balanced plan costing $37.80 per month.
  • Preferred Plus The premium plan starts at $46.75 per month, providing the most coverage for each dental procedure.

Out-of-Pocket Charges

Out-of-pocket expenses vary based on which policy you select; under Preferred Plus coverage, for instance, an out-of-pocket expense related to a regular dental examination, cleaning, and X-rays would cost approximately $18 out-of-pocket.

Under the Standard Plus plan, similar services would cost $42, while with Economy Plus it’s $65 or higher.

Special Offers for Seniors

Original Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care services. This is the point at which Physicians Mutual steps in, providing special pricing for seniors.

The dental insurance they offer covers 350 procedures including dentures and crowns. Indeed, Physicians Mutual Dental was named the best Dental Insurance for seniors by TopTenReviews.


Selecting the best dental insurance is essential for your oral health as well as financial wellbeing.

Physicians Mutual dental insurance, with its wide coverage and flexibility, as well as its unique options, makes a convincing argument for being among the top in the market.

No matter if you’re an individual an enterprise, or older person, Physicians Mutual has a plan that is specifically tailored to your specific needs.

Before making a choice it’s an excellent idea to request a no-cost information packet from Physicians Mutual to get detailed details about the plans that are available in your state.

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