Cigna Dental Insurance Review 2023

Oral health is essential to overall wellbeing, yet choosing the appropriate Cigna Dental Insurance policy can be daunting task.

Cigna, an internationally-recognized health insurer, has long been considered an innovator when it comes to offering comprehensive dental insurance plans.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Cigna’s dental insurance offerings and explore its features, coverage and limitations.

Cigna Dental Insurance Plans Today

Cigna Insurance Group stands out as an insurance powerhouse, serving over 18 million dental customers.

They not only specialize in dental insurance; they also offer health coverage across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Cigna stands out with its extensive PPO dental network, one of the largest nationwide.

Cigna provides its customers with numerous dental options through its Total Cigna DPPO Network of 147,000 dentists located at over 740,000 locations nationwide and 89,000 dentists located at more than 300,000. Together these networks make up over 300,000.

Cigna offers affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Cigna Dental Insurance Review 2023
Cigna Dental Insurance Review 2023

Cigna offers an assortment of dental plans designed to meet individual needs:

Cigna Dental Prevention Plans

offer dental preventive plans designed to keep smiles looking their best.

Coverage Details: No Maximum: None This plan provides preventive dental care by covering 100% of routine check-ups every six months, such as cleanings and routine x-rays.

However, this insurance does not cover basic services or major services like implants, dentures, orthodontic treatment or teeth whitening.

Cigna Dental 1000

Annual Maximum Coverage is $1,000 and offers 100% preventive care coverage as well as 80% of basic services after six-month waiting periods and 50% of major services after a 12-month waiting period.

However, this plan does not offer coverage for implants, dentures, orthodontic care or teeth whitening services.

Cigna Dental 1500 Coverage:

This plan offers more comprehensive protection, covering 100% of preventive care services, 80% of basic services after a six-month waiting period and 50% of major services after 12 months waiting period.

Dentures are also eligible for 50% coverage; however implants are not. Orthodontic treatment also receives 50% protection up to a lifetime limit of $1,000.

Cigna’s Legacy and Offerings

Cigna can trace its roots back to 1792 as a marine insurance provider, but is now recognized as an international health insurer.

Cigna provides more than dental insurance; their range of insurance products include health plans, Medicare/Medicaid plans, international health coverage plans and various supplementary policies to dental coverage plans and international travel assistance plans.

Cigna stands out as an exceptional provider of top-quality insurance solutions, boasting an expansive global network of over 1.5 million healthcare providers and employing over 70,000 workers – their dedication is evident!


Cigna’s dental insurance plans demonstrate their dedication to helping their customers enjoy optimal dental health.

Cigna offers plans tailored to different needs and budgets to make sure that everyone can access quality dental care.

Cigna offers plans tailored specifically to each of its members’ individual healthcare needs, from preventive services and extensive dental treatments, to finding an optimal balance between cost and coverage.

Remember as you navigate the complex world of dental insurance that having an attractive smile is priceless; with the appropriate policy in place, your radiance can remain shining bright!

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